On Dec. 19, Mr. Plotkin’s AP Language and Composition, LIU Creative Writing, and ninth grade classes were treated to guest speaker Randy Gordon who is the ex-commissioner of boxing for New York State, a former Olympic athlete, a celebrated author, a sports announcer, a radio personality with a hit show on Sirius Radio, a Hall of Famer, the former editor-in-chief of Ring Magazine, a columnist for two online periodicals and a grandfather of 12. Mr. Gordon began his day teaching the students of AP Language and Composition about media bias, differences between mediums, the powers of persuasion/rhetoric, and his experience as both a member of the media and dealing with the media from his time as commissioner. He then spoke with the students taking LIU Creative Writing regarding getting books published, writing/outlining works, and how to formulate ideas. Lastly, 9th grade students were given a motivational speech, describing how confidence and hard work helped Mr. Gordon to rise above his humble beginnings, respond to incredible setbacks/adversities, and achieve his dreams.