Carle Place’s fifth grade students enrolled in the Fall Enrichment Program at Rushmore Avenue School wrote a grant application that requested funds for flex seats to be donated to the Rushmore library. The grant was later awarded by the Carle Place Education Foundation. 

Research suggests that students perform better when given a variety of seating options and the opportunity to choose where and how they would like to sit within a learning environment. 

Under the guidance of Ms. Chelsea Tizzio, students answered the driving question, “How can flexible seating improve a classroom work environment?” They conducted research about flex seating and then supported why it would be effective in a learning environment. Students took these ideas and discussed where flex seating would have the greatest impact for the entire Rushmore community and then determined how to pitch it in order to obtain the funding. 

Their inspired effort led to the submission of a grant proposal, which would provide the necessary funds for flex seating in the Rushmore library. Through commitment and dedication to this challenging project, the Rushmore community now enjoys a brand-new yoga ball balance chair, a donut chair and a trampoline disk chair for all of Rushmore’s students to use.