Battle of the Classes Raises $28K for Pompe Disease Research

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It was an eventful day at the Carle Place Middle-High School as students, staff and community members raised a record breaking $28,413 for Duke Children’s Dr. Kishnani’s Pompe Disease Fund during the school’s 13th annual Battle of the Classes, Battling for a Cause. Leading the program were Key Club adviser Ms. Maddalena Buffalino and Student Organization adviser Ms. Jillian Kelly.
Pompe disease is a rare, inherited condition that affects multiple organ systems due to a buildup of glycogen in the body. The funds that were raised will assist in advance research, develop new therapies and improve the quality of life for patients. This charity was chosen by the students, who were inspired by the story of Roseann and John Favicchia’s granddaughter Sophia, who is impacted by this disease.
During the battle, students participated in events like skit competition, coin wars, potato sack race, inflatable obstacle course and tug of war. The district congratulates the Class of 2020 for winning the battle.
Funds were raised outside of school and through an online fundraising platform. The district applauds the dedication and commitment that students and staff devoted to achieve this successful outcome.