Eighth Graders Roll into High School

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The district celebrated the moving up of its eighth grade students by hosting a live ceremony and bicycle parade.

The ceremony was broadcast live through a zoom platform from the Middle-High School auditorium. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Finn, Assistant Superintendent Eileen Fredericks joined Middle-High School Principal Thomas DePaola and Assistant Principal Seth Katz to present this unique event. Several pre-recorded presentations and performances accompanied live speeches from eighth grader Braedon Caputo, Dr. Finn and Mr. DePaola.

Later in the day, student participated in a bike parade and used bicycles, skateboards, razor scooters, rollerblades or walked. They dressed in Carle Place gear and also decorated their mode of transportation. Students kicked off the parade from the Rushmore Avenue School staff parking lot and headed to the Carle Place Middle-High School senior parking lot.

Upon arrival, they received a special moving up gift and then exited the school grounds. Families also attended and were permitted to cheer on students from the side streets, in their cars and on the opposite side of the road.

The district congratulates its eighth grade students and is excited to see what they will accomplish at the high school level.