Cherry Lane Has Dyno-mite Time Learning About Safety

Nikolaos Michael, a social worker for Cherry Lane and Rushmore Avenue schools, facilitated Yello Dyno presentations for all students in grades K-2 as part of their Stranger Danger safety program.

“Yello Dyno is a non-fearful, musically driven lesson that helps teach children how to avoid becoming victims of abusers, bullies, abductors, violent kids, drug pushers, Internet stalkers and sexual predators,” said Michael.

Students watched an interactive video in which Yello Dyno the dinosaur explains everyone’s right to safety, what to do in an emergency situation and the importance of asking a responsible adult before acting. The presentation incorporated catchy songs like “Tricky People” and “We Trust Our Feelings” to help reinforce the concept that it’s not about what a person looks like, it’s how they act that counts. “Yello Dyno encourages the children to trust their instincts and have more self-confidence,” said Michael.