Veteran Visits Rushmore Avenue Students

Veteran James Cear Jr., father of Rushmore Avenue School teacher Alexis Krummenacker, recently spoke to third-grade students about his experiences serving the country with the 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard. During his presentation, Cear showed students personal artifacts from his travels and described his involvement as pilot, senior vice president and portfolio manager of Angel Flight Northeast.

“Angel Flight Northeast is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides air transportation in private aircraft by volunteer pilots so that children and adults may access life-saving medical care free of charge,” said Cear. “Angel Flight Northeast is available to patients and families of patients whose financial resources do not permit them to travel by other means to get needed diagnosis or treatment. Requests from patients and families who are unable to use public transportation because of their medical conditions, who need to fly immediately, or who live in remote areas where public transportation is not available are also accepted.”

Cear, who began flying instruction lessons at the age of 14, gained his inspiration to become a pilot from his father, who served in World War II. “I knew early on in life that this was what I wanted to do,” he said. Students participated in a question-and-answer session following his presentation.