AP World History Students Learn About Islam

On Dec. 3, guest speaker Dr. Isma H. Chaudhry, executive committee president of the Islamic Center of Long Island, educated Carle Place High School students in Maddalena Buffalino’s Pre-Advanced Placement World History course about life as a Muslim.

“Islam is an integral part of this world history course,” said Buffalino. “During Isma’s 80-minute presentation, which included visuals and group discussion, students learned about the historical development of Islam, Islamic architecture, life as a Muslim in a post-9/11 world and, most importantly, tolerance.”
During her time with the students, Chaudhry also touched upon basic Islamic beliefs, the difference between sharia law and the Five Pillars of Islam, dietary customs, holidays, architecture, the role of women, misconceptions about Islam and more.
“The details Isma provided helped me to better appreciate the faith and its beliefs,” said student Ariel Salerno. “She spoke in a very engaging manner and I liked how she kept us interested with facts about the religion.”
“I felt as though having a Muslim come to speak about Islam made the lesson very authentic,” commented student April Schmuck. “Learning from a primary source who is right in our class makes it much easier to understand what we are learning,” added classmate Kerry Brosnan.