Carle Place Students Get Technical

Carle Place High School students in Julie Norman’s technical drawing class have been using Autodesk 3D Studio Max, a computer graphics program that generates 3-D models, animations and renderings, to redesign the front entrance to their school. The young architects researched examples of institutional designs, including modern, contemporary and traditional, to create their own design.

“Students were given the task of developing an aesthetically pleasing design while also ensuring proper function,” said Norman. “They each had differing opinions of what design style would be appropriate to present to the community of Carle Place. The Autodesk 3D Studio Max design program allowed the students to draw in orthographic viewports – top view, front view and side views – while being able to see what the structure looks like in 3-D.”

Last year, Norman’s students used the program to complete a design for a Breezy Point home that was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.