Monarch Dinner Is Absolute Success

Linda Kahner’s Advanced Placement European History class a hosted its eighth annual Dinner Party of the Absolute Monarchs for students, faculty members and staff. Nearly 20 attendees came dressed as their 17th- or 18th-century historical character of choice, complete with props and an abundance of biographical knowledge. The guest list included Mary Tudor, Peter the Great, Pope Paul IV, Machiavelli and even high school principal Thomas DePaola as Galileo Galilei.

Prior to the gathering, participants were instructed to prepare introductions for an “around the room” meet-and-greet session that would begin the afternoon, hosted at Russia’s Winter Palace of St. Petersburg by Tsar Peter the Great. After the main course was served, students were asked to discuss their character’s proudest achievements, economic and foreign policies, strategies to maintain control, opinion on foreign and domestic relations, and more. Guests were also educated on the traditional food and cultural practices of Russia during the time period.