Rushmore Avenue Students Dress for Success

Olympic gold medalists, doctors, artists and chefs could be seen walking the halls of Rushmore Avenue School as part of Dress for Success Career Day on Jan. 17. The event, coordinated by the school’s student council and advisers Raina Lasky and Laurie Papa, encouraged students in grades three to six to think about future goals and aspirations.

“My mom is a nurse practitioner and I want to have a career just like hers when I grow up,” said student Destiny. “In order to achieve those goals, I am making extra efforts in the classes I know I will need to do well in during my time in medical school.”

One student, Sarah, who dreams of becoming a Disney cast member, is currently focusing on developing her character skills. “I know that if I begin researching my options early on, I will be better prepared when I am older,” she said. “The more I know about the field I want to enter, the more confident I will be when it finally is time to interview for a position.”