Robotics Team Takes First Place at LEGOS League Qualifier

The middle school’s LEGO robotics team, along with advisers Dave Angevine and Dr. Steven Leffler, took first place for innovative solutions at the First LEGOs League Qualifier Tournament on Feb. 1. The award recognizes a team for their original, unique solution to the problem they have chosen to research. The First Legos League (often called First) is an organization whose goal is to promote science research and engineering at the elementary and middle school grade levels.  

“All of the competitors play by the philosophy of gracious professionalism,” said Angevine. “This means that all team members must have respect for their fellow members and utilize the democratic method in all the tasks they undertake.”

“Participants are required to research a problem presented by First and this year’s was nature’s fury,” said Leffler. “The students chose to research the problem of forest fires – early detection and prevention. From there, the problem is translated into a 4’ x 8’ mission board where 15-20 tasks or missions created by First are completed. Students then need to design and program a LEGO robot to complete the tasks.”

At the competition, students are judged in five categories, including core values, teamwork, presentation, robot design and robot mission. They must explain how they promote First’s philosophy of gracious professionalism, demonstrate group cooperation and present research findings in a five minute or less presentation, as well as explain the design of their robot, including the various functions of the three allowed motors.

The team has chosen to compete in the next round, which will be held at Longwood High School on March 2.