Biting into a Better Life

Fourth- and sixth-grade students at Rushmore Avenue welcomed registered dieticians Amy Canterella and Colleen Farley-Cornell from Winthrop-University Hospital to speak about the lasting benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Topics covered included nutrition, exercise, decreasing screen time, and the importance of family time and feelings.

“You have the power to make healthy choices for your life,” said Canterella. “Eat slowly, drink water during meals and watch portion sizes. It’s important to limit junk food, always have vegetables with meals and decrease the intake of sweetened beverages.”

Also discussed during the presentation were positive outlets for stress, including exercise, talking with friends and exploring hobbies. Students brainstormed ways to exercise alone, with others and even in inclement weather.

“Get to know your mind and body to learn the difference between foods you want and foods you really need,” said Farley-Cornell. “The food and exercise choices that you make really do make a difference.”