The Carle Place UFSD Board of Education (BOE) and the Carle Place Teachers Association (CPTA) have approved a successor agreement to the expired labor agreement between the parties, ending a protracted negotiation and offering a solid foundation for preserving the district’s high-quality instructional program.

The new agreement, which runs through June 30, 2017, replaces the contract that expired nearly three years ago and provides greater alignment with the current fiscal realities facing public school districts in New York.

“We all acknowledge that this was a very challenging negotiation; however, in the end, we remain cognizant of the fact that many of our residents continue to face significant financial challenges. Holding the line on increasing costs is critical to the ongoing health of our school district and community. While the negotiation process was difficult, we value the work of our teachers and look forward to continuing to work with them for the betterment of our district,” said Board of Education President Barry Dennis.

The financial terms of the agreement demonstrate that the application of this contract will slow the rate of total salary growth in the district. Because salaries represent the largest expenditure item in the budget, the net effect is to create a more sustainable financial footing for the district in the tax levy cap era.

The impact of the new agreement for the next three years is as follows: all teachers will receive a 0% salary increase in 2014-15, along with a freeze in the step and increment payments traditionally paid for accrued graduate credit or teaching experience.

In 2015-16 and 2016-17, the salary increase is 0.5% and eligible staff will receive normal step and increment adjustment.

For the three prior years, teachers with 17 or fewer years of experience will receive a 0% increase in salary for 2011-12 and 2012-13 and 1% increase in 2013-14. Increment will be paid for all three years, along with a one-time, $1,000 off-schedule payment. Teachers with 18 or more years of experience (approximately half of the faculty) do not qualify for step increases. They will receive a 0% increase for 2011-12, a 0.75% increase in 2012-13, and a 2% increase for 2013-14, along with off-schedule, $1,000 payments for 2012-13 and 2013-14.  

By July 2016, health insurance premium contributions for the members of this bargaining unit will increase to 15%, and new members of the union (hired on or after the date of this new agreement) will contribute 20%. In retirement, all members of this unit will continue to contribute 50% of the cost of an individual health insurance plan or 65% of the cost of a family plan.

School nurses, who are also a part of this bargaining unit, will receive a 0% salary increase in 2014-15 and a freeze in step and increment, followed by 1% increases in the final two years of the contract, plus increment. For the prior three years in which no new contract was approved, the nurses will receive a 1% salary increase in each year, plus increment.

Superintendent David Flatley commented, “We believe that this agreement will help to ensure the tradition of excellence that has come to represent the Carle Place School District.”