Allstate ‘Reality Rides’ Makes a Pit Stop at Carle Place

Allstate Insurance Company’s “Reality Rides” made a stop in Carle Place on its tour of more than 40 American cities on May 15. Carle Place High School driver’s education students were offered first-hand experience of how distractions impair their ability to drive in Allstate’s Reality Rides simulator, a curved LED television embedded in the windshield of a real vehicle.

While in Carle Place, Reality Rides, along with local Allstate safe driving experts, visited the high school to demonstrate the potential consequences distracted drivers could face while on the road. To add impact to the simulations, students were given traffic “tickets” that revealed potential infractions a driver could receive if the experience happened in real life. Participants also had the opportunity to take the Allstate X the TXT pledge that promises not to text and drive.

“Reality Rides is evolving as quickly as Carle Place and other Long Island Allstate customers’ and consumers’ needs are evolving with new technologies to engage drivers in a compelling and safe format,” said Jaclyn Darrohn, Allstate spokesperson. “The simulator proved effective in changing the opinions of drivers who experienced it last year, and we’re excited to share it with the students at Carle Place High School.”

Reality Rides consists of a driving simulator that utilizes a real, but stationary, vehicle equipped with virtual reality technology, including a new curved LED television embedded in the car windshield. The television displays an animated environment and reacts to the driver’s motions. Using the car’s steering wheel, gas and brake pedals, the driver is tasked with driving while also attempting to text, talk on the phone and enter navigation system directions.