English Students Connect with Peers in Zimbabwe

Ninth-grade English students recently had the opportunity to connect with fellow students at Carle Place’s sister school, Guwe, in Zimbabwe, through a service-learning project.

Under the direction of teachers Sandra Dietz, Kieran Morris, Dana Olsen and Barbara Ziminski, the students worked with members of the SPARC/Interact Club to organize a collection of school supplies, sporting goods and clothing that was packaged and sent to students in Zimbabwe along with a class card and photo.

The students also learned about African culture through several reading comprehension assignments aligned with the Common Core and the new Comprehensive English Exam.  

“I thought it was a good project because it helped a lot of people in need,” said freshman Matt Seligman, a freshman.

Fellow student Emily Cotter agreed, saying, “It’s nice knowing that some things we might not be using here in Carle Place are being put to good use in Africa.”