Art Students Meet Collage Pop Artist

Fourth-grade students at Rushmore Elementary School recently met and learned from Michael Albert, a collage pop artist.

During the PTA-sponsored event, Albert conducted workshops with each fourth-grade class, sharing his unique process of creating art out of cardboard boxes and other recycled cardboard materials using a method he calls “brandscape.”

“His pop art images engage the viewer in a whole new experience,” said art teacher Kara Stobe.  

In addition to working with students, Albert inspired them to explore the path to becoming an artist during an assembly. He also donated to Rushmore a set from his poster collection, bookmarks, his cereal art book, and a one-of-a-kind collage that he created during his visit.

“Michael Albert really inspired me,” said student Kayla Lloyd. “Thanks to him, I realized that I can do anything I want to do.”

“I thought it was great for an artist to come here and tell us about art,” said fellow student Katerina Liveris. “I also thought it was very nice of him to come and work with us. I really do love his work.”

Strobe said the district looks forward to working with Albert again.

“Michael Albert is an artist who is humble,” she said. “Even with his huge success, he remains approachable and sincere about his passion for art and sharing it with as many people as possible.”