Sixth Graders Test Science Skills with Annual Egg Drop

On June 24, 112 Rushmore Avenue sixth-graders participated in their school’s annual egg drop. The contest challenged students to design packaging that would protect a raw egg as it was dropped from the school’s rooftop to the pavement.

According to Principal Susan Folkson, the contest, now in its 30th year, is an enrichment activity that supports the district’s STEM initiative.

“We want them to have fun, create hypotheses and find materials that will absorb the impact,” said technology teacher Jim Cunningham, who oversaw the contest with science teacher Jeanne Cunningham.   

Working in teams, the students prepared for the egg drop by using a variety of materials – including marshmallow fluff, stuffed animals, bubble wrap, cereal and even half a football – to create their packaging.  

When it came time to drop the eggs, the students gathered around the egg drop zone and cheered as the school’s custodian dropped the eggs from the roof. There were 16 successful drops, one of which was designed by Emiline Biggin and Rita Masiello. The pair designed a protective case for their egg using a balloon, a small box, tape and marshmallow fluff. “We wanted to give it a soft landing,” said Biggin.  

The girls said building their project not only brought them closer together as friends, but also taught them about teamwork.

“We learned that if we work together, we can do anything,” said Masiello. “Our ideas just came together.”  

“This was a great way to end our school year — with a longstanding tradition,” said Superintendent David Flatley.