Stage Experience

Ms. Buffalino’s History of Theatre/Musical Theatre class had the privilege of listening to a very special guest speaker. Becky Flemming is a Broadway stage manager who has worked on regional, off-Broadway and Broadway productions. She is most noted for her two-and-a-half years of work on Broadway with Disney’s hit musical Newsies.

Student reactions:

“I learned a lot more about the professional theatre world than it would have been possible to learn from books or notes.” – Hector Rivera, 10th grader

“It's not just every day you get to meet, and hear from someone that works on Broadway. I really enjoyed and have an even bigger appreciation for people working in theatre now.” – Caroline McLaughlin 9th grader

“I especially was interested when she was speaking about all the roles and jobs of the people backstage. She also included fun stories.” – Jenna Vasilakopoulos 11th grader

“It was great...we got the opportunity to explore the whole world of professional theatre through a firsthand source. She was a great speaker and I enjoyed it very much. I learned so much new information about theatre that I probably never would've learned.” – Arianna Bella, 9th grader

“I think it was nice to hear about the professional view of the theater and to compare it to my view and experiences in the school plays. Also I enjoyed hearing about the possibilities of different jobs in the theater world. Also I think that it is interesting that it is not unusual to be unemployed in the theater world because of different shows ending at different times and now I have a greater appreciation for the behind the scenes work in the theater world.” –Jack O’Brien, 9th grader

“I thought I had a general idea about how things work at Broadway but she really opened my eyes about all the work that goes into it. I think it's just crazy the amount of hours that goes into tech week at Broadway (I thought CP tech week was bad). Also,the fact that there could be only 90 Broadway stage managers and she was one of them was astonishing.” – Thomas Sheremetta, 12thgrader