2015 Carle Place/Rushmore Ave. Science Fair Final Results

Sixth Grade
3rd Place    Justina Cavallaro – Are Fingerprint Patterns Hereditary?
2nd Place    Philip Alfieri and Nicholas Buffolino-Electromagnets, How Strong are They?
1st  Place    Samantha Beecher, Lea Veigl and Giovanna Ventimiglia-Stain, Stain, Go Away
1st Place    Francesca Fortunato and Isabella Tallini-Germs, Where Would You Rather Be?

Seventh Grade

3rd Place    Sebastian Rodriguez-Blade Runner
3rd Place    Anna Marie Vargas-Wobbly Giants
2nd Place    Karl Veigl-What are We Touching?
2nd Place    Adam Vaz-Fat Cells
2nd Place    Giovanni Tallini and Michael Whigham-Fuel Cells-Fueling the future
1st Place    Christopher Lopes-Let the Sunshine In-Does Temperature Affect the Output of Solar Panels

Eighth Grade

3rd Place    Danielle Grima-Does Unintended Peer Pressure Affect Teens?
2nd Place     Samantha Wagner- Detective vs. Witness: Do Witnesses Actually Help Find the Subject?
1st Place    Ruby Tirone-The Use of Trigonometry to Determine the Position of a Victim During the Time of Bloodshed