Donations Begin for BOTC

The Key Club and Student Organization kicked off this year’s Battle of the Classes, Battling for a Cause with a high school assembly. This year grades nine through 12 will be fundraising money for Tuesday’s Children, which was founded to promote long-term healing for all those directly impacted by the events of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001.

This is the video that was created by the Key Club and Student Organization, which showcases Tuesday’s Children and first-hand accounts from 9/11:

Members of the Student Organization and Key Club spent countless hours conducting interviews with members of the Carle Place community who were directly impacted by September 11th. Lt. John Beattie (father of Student Organization Secretary Julia Beattie), CPHS Security Guard Greg Cantiello, Port Authority Employee and CP Alumni Robert Jarvis, Mr. Krause (art teacher) who volunteered with the Wantagh Fire Department in the aftermath, Mrs. Russo (Fine Arts Chairperson) who volunteered at St. Paul’s Church which served as a place for first responders to rest, Battalion Captain Chief and Carle Place resident Charles Vella.

This is a the full-length 9/11 first responder interviews:
Donations can be made here: