Skills to Save a Life

Utilizing a skill he learned in Dan Como’s Medical Emergencies class, senior John Aydogan recently performed the Heimlich maneuver on his friend, fellow senior, Dean Migliore. Both students were at one of their houses after school when Dean went to get some crackers and took a vitamin, only to realize that it was not going down and he was not able to breathe. Dean went to his friend in the next room and made it clear he needed assistance. John, having covered the Heimlich maneuver in class, performed the move a few times until Dean was able to get the pill down and resume breathing.

“At the moment it happened, it was nerve wracking,” John said. “But remembering the skills I learned in class made it better to deal with.”

Dean was thankful to his friend for taking the class and having the skill. “I was in amazement that it was even happening,” Dean said. “I’m just glad John was there to help.”