Promoting Peace

In honor of Unity Day on Oct. 19, students and staff at CP MS/HS showed their support for kindness and acceptance, and took a stand against bullying by wearing the color orange and participating in various activities. Through the efforts and leadership of middle school counselor, Mr. Robert Santoro, the day also featured members of the National Honor Society reading positive and inspirational quotes on the school loud speaker at the beginning of each period. In addition, the Diversity Club passed out orange ribbons to all members of the school community.

Throughout the week, members of the Student Organization also read aloud information about bullying following the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance, and on Oct. 21, the seventh- and eighth-grade advisories completed Project Connect, which joins students, schools and communities to make a statement about being united against bullying. The activity demonstrated the interaction between individuality and connectivity by featuring a chain of connected links that will be hung in the Hallway of Kindness at the school.