Science Fair Winners

The Rushmore/CPMS Science Fair, arranged by STEM Director Mr. Malizia, featured a variety of sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students’ remarkable experiments and STEM-related investigative work. Students at each grade level were awarded first, second and third place following presentations on their work. Congratulations to the winners:

Sixth Grade

First Place – Sara Hutter: “Yum or Yuck- To Eat or Not to Eat, The Five Second Rule”

Second Place - Andrew Buffolino and John Hoisik: “Optical Illusion”

Third Place - Diana Flores and Madison Ortiz: “Best Yogurt for Your Gut”

Seventh Grade

First Place -Ava Lopes: “Cellphone Wars: iPhone vs. Samsung”

Second Place - Kayla Fitzpatrick: “How Much Bacteria is Living in Your Car?”

Third Place - Devin Eichel and Alexandra Feit: “Are Your Hands Really Clean?”

Eighth Grade

First Place - Maryrose DeCiutiis and Taylor Kuskowski: “Radiating Radishes”

Second Place - Adam Vaz “Power Up!”

Third Place - Alexa Mastrangelo: “Does Age Affect Personality?”