Student-Run Theater Company Plays ‘The Addams Family’

The Addams Family photo
The Addams Family photo 2
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The Carle Place Middle/High School Student-Run Theater Company once again put on a terrific show for the community, with this year’s production of “The Addams Family.” Approximately 50 cast and crew members representing a good balance of grades 7-12 collaborated on this year’s show, which ran Sept. 7 and 8. 

Preparation began as early as last December when co-directors/producers Gabriella Deninno and Juliana Ferolie put the idea to the entire company for a vote, inspired by their separate experiences with the show. Gabriella loved the Broadway play while Juliana had participated in a separate, school-aged student production of the show with an outside company. Auditions began last spring with rehearsals running from June through September, with students reporting for two hours, Monday through Friday.

“It’s special because students run the entire show,” said Gabriella, a senior who has been a part of past student-run shows. Collectively, the cast and crew pointed to the camaraderie developed among one another as one of the most rewarding aspects of the production. 

“Everyone chips in,” Juliana added. “Everyone has a say in this show!”