These past few weeks have served as a test of the intestinal fortitude and resiliency of so many people around the tri-state region––some far greater than others. As communities begin to slowly return to some normalcy following Superstorm Sandy, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Glen Cove family for their patience through this unprecedented event.

Following nearly two weeks of closure, the Glen Cove Schools regained full power and heating capacity and reopened for business on Friday, November 9. A Nor’easter caused us to stay closed for one extra day as the wet, heavy snow made it dangerous for travel that day. Transportation to and from our schools ran smoothly the following day and has remained fairly seamless since. None of our buildings sustained any structural damage during the storm and we took every precaution to ensure that the schools and overall conditions were safe for the return of students. Even with the adjustment to the long hiatus, the Glen Cove schools immediately resumed as comfortable, productive learning environments for our children.

Once again, I would like to thank all of our parents and residents, the staff members here in the Glen Cove School District (in particular our facilities chief Joe Fiorino), Mayor Suozzi and the City of Glen Cove, and all those who have volunteered their time and resources to help their fellow neighbors during this time of crisis. As you may have read on p.1 of this newsletter, we teamed with the Mayor’s office and the city to reopen Glen Cove High School as a warm, comfortable shelter for our residents––many of whom were senior citizens who lost their power.
I assure you that the hardships endured by all of our families were taken into account in our decision to delay and eventually return our students to school.

Despite the dejection borne from property loss, cold nights, lost classroom time and other major inconveniences, the spirit of collaboration was alive and well here in Glen Cove. As was the case a little more than a year ago when Hurricane Irene barreled through our region, people here came together in a unified spirit to aid those in need and get them back on their feet again. Having spent the better part of nearly three years working in Glen Cove, I have seen and come to expect nothing less from this community.

Since being named superintendent of schools, I have reinforced to the staff the importance of having a common north to keep our district headed in the right direction for our children’s future. I have now seen this idea conceptualize to an effort by members of the Glen Cove Family to preserve the immediate future of the entire community. The Glen Cove School District will continue to make every accommodation to help as many members of our family as possible during difficult times and will never turn our backs on anyone, even during more prosperous days.
Keeping the lines of communication flowing during any emergency is essential. As many of you can attest, our website was up and running less than a day after the storm. I encourage you to use the district’s website as a main resource for information. We strive to keep it current and rich with content that is useful to you. Please stay tuned during future emergencies and please remain apprised of all future alerts regarding our schools.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support. TOGETHER FOR OUR COMMUNITY––WE CAN!


Joseph A. Laria, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools