Sophomore Honored at LISEF

Sophomore Honored at LISEF photo
Congratulations to Carle Place Middle/High School sophomore Lyra Lu, who received the Honorable Mention award in the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair Junior Varsity competition.

Lyra is being honored for her research on the effects of berberine and abeta on Alzheimer’s disease. She completed her research last summer at SUNY Old Westbury and received many accolades from the judges on her extensive knowledge of Alzheimer’s and her research methods. Lyra has been working diligently on the paper and the poster presentation in the Science Research class at Carle Place MS/HS under the direction of her teacher, Carol Nicosia. The course enables students to practice authentic and original research independently and encourages them to work with research scientists and professionals within their preferred fields. 

“Lyra is unwavering in her pursuit of better understanding in many avenues of science research,” Mrs. Nicosa said. “We are helping her to delve deeper in new scientific areas and allowing her freedom to reach the tops of the ones she is already focused on. She is a treasure and has so much potential. She is truly amazing to work with.”
Previously, Lyra has worked on research proposals for Brookhaven National Laboratory’s synchrotron, a state-of-the-art electron storage ring that provides capabilities for X-ray imaging, high-resolution energy analysis, allowing for breakthroughs in energy security, environment and human health. She is also applying for summer research opportunities with Columbia and Brown universities.