Cherry Lane Elementary School students received an exciting visit from Apple Inc. computer engineer Victor Labozzetta, who led students in the school’s first Hour of Code lesson. 

Students learned and participated in coding activities through the Swift Playgrounds APP. 

This is a significant lesson for all students especially in the primary grades since students are learning basic sequencing, a skill used across the curriculum. The activity is also meant to spark the interest of young students in the areas of engineering and computer sciences. 

Cherry Lane will also be hosting an Hour of Code event on Dec. 18, from 7 p.m.-8 p.m., where students and their families will participate in three coding activities. Hour of Code a worldwide celebration of computer sciences, which focuses on learning about the basics of coding and taking these skills into the community. With the knowledge students have previously gained, they will be able to teach their families something new. These three coding activities include robotics, unplugged coding and Swift Playground coding.