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Curriculum Projects


English/ ENL, Literacy Support

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade ELA

Kindergarten Online Learning- ELA Fairy Tales

7th Grade English

7th Grade English Honors

8th Grade English

11th Grade English AP

AP Seminar

ELA Reading and Personal Narrative Writing

English as a New Language

LIU Creative Writing Curriculum

Literature of the 1960's

SUPA Practices of Academic Writing


Fine & Performing Arts

7th Grade Concert Band

8th Grade Concert Band

7th-8th Grade Art pg 1-20

7th-8th Grade Art pg 21-40

High School Concert Band

Middle School/ High School Orchestra

AP Music Theory


Advanced Ceramics

Drawing and Painting

Film I:  A Visual Language and Text

Film II: The Heroic Journey

History Through Film

History of Theatre




Health, Physical Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, and Athletics

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Physical Education

2nd Grade Physical Education

3rd & 4th Grade Physical Education

5th & 6th Grade Physical Education

Middle School Physical Education

High School Physical Education

7th Grade Health Education Curriculum

8th Grade Home & Career Skills

High School Infectious Disease

Mindful Meditation




Science. Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Kindergarten Math Online

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Math

12th Grade Math College Preparedness

High School Precalculus

Algebra NR

Architectural Drawing



Exploring Computer Science

Intro to Statistics

7th Grade Intro to Technology

8th Grade Intro to Technology

Principles of Engineering I

Principles of Engineering II

Technical Drawing


Social Studies & World Languages

Kindergarten Social Studies 

7th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies

9th Grade Honors Global History

11th Grade US History

World History 

Pre-AP World History

AP European History

AP World History

Global History and Geography


Middle School Spanish 1A

Middle School Spanish 1B

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 4 Honors

AP Spanish

Italian 2 (p.1-19)

Italian 2 (p.20-34)

Italian 3

Italian 4

Italian 1B

AP Italian

Readings in Philosophy