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475 Roslyn AvenueCherry Lane Building Photo
Carle Place, New York 11514

Principal: Ms. Lauren Moriarty

General Office: (516) 622-6402
Health Office: (516) 622-6403
Social Worker: (516) 622-6558

Welcome to Cherry Lane School


Winter Concert Livestream December 21, 2021




Scheduler Instructions (English) (Spanish)




Cherry Lane Mission Statement


Our Cherry Lane mission is to cultivate lifelong learners who are creative, cooperative, collaborative and curious problem solvers in a safe and respectful environment. We instill an attitude that embraces challenges and change with the purpose of increasing effort and learning.  


School Goal


Every student has the capability and the right to learn.  Cherry Lane Elementary School exists to provide this opportunity for children in a safe, secure and supportive environment.


The school staff recognizes that the primary goal of education in Cherry Lane School is to meet the educational needs of all our children.  Most significantly, the following objectives formulate a philosophical basis for attaining this goal.  Our school curriculum is designed to:


1) Develop proficiency with the basic skills;


2) Encourage our children to learn about their own environment and the interrelationships 

  that exist in a changing world;


3) Assist our children in developing aesthetic sensitivities, talents, and skills;


4) Help our children achieve individual mental and physical health;


5) Instill an appreciation for people of all races, nationalities, and creeds, and to work 

  cooperatively toward common goals ; and


6) Build an understanding of rights and privileges guaranteed in a form of government and

    to assume the individual and group responsibility allied with these rights and privileges.







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Current News

ENL Family Night

Students and Families in The Westbury Library thumbnail216988
Students and Families in The Westbury Library thumbnail216989
Students and Families in The Westbury Library thumbnail216990

Students and families from the elementary schools recently gathered at The Westbury Library for ENL Family Night and explored the resources available. Students had a blast meeting members from the library, and many received their library cards to begin borrowing books. While Cherry Lane and Rushmore students toured the children’s library, their parents toured the adult library. In addition, students and families discovered that language learners can take advantage of books in many different languages.

Date Added: 5/11/2022

Spring Break!

Students at Cherry Lane outdoors and doing spring themed activities thumbnail216143

Students at Cherry Lane enjoyed the outdoors and spring themed activities as a way to kick off spring break.

Date Added: 4/15/2022

National Robotics Week

Students at Their Desks thumbnail216053

Cherry Lane Elementary School students in Mrs. Theresa Collalto's first grade class were given a STEM-based challenge each day to celebrate National Robotics Week. The mission for “Robo Week” is to inspire students to explore STEM robotics related fields.

Cherry Lane students participated in activities such as Binary Codes BFF bracelets, Build a Better Bug model insect robots and Code a Dance Party with Dash robots. They learned about coding sequencing and loops, solving a mystery code to reveal a hidden message, were introduced to the function of binary codes, and created prototypes of a bug and morphed it into a robot.

Each day students used the four C's of technology: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. They worked together to build, create and explore the world of robotics and coding, and they showed such enthusiasm with each challenge they faced.

Date Added: 4/13/2022

Shining Light on Autism Awareness

Students Wearing Blue for Autism Awareness Day thumbnail215672

Students at Cherry Lane school celebrated Autism Awareness Day by wearing blue and reading Julia Finley Mosca’s book “The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin.”

Students learned that Dr. Grandin, being one of the most famous and successful people with autism, would think about words in her mind as pictures. They also focused on how Dr. Grandin teaches people that being different does not mean a person is less significant. Students followed up with an artistic exercise where they identified what special qualities make them different.

Date Added: 4/6/2022

ALS Awareness

Students in the Auditorium thumbnail215474

Students at Cherry Lane and Rushmore Avenue schools began its annual campaign to raise awareness for the ALS Association.

Representatives from the organization visited both elementary schools and led an assembly, “Overcoming Adversity.” In their discussions, Mr. Paul Weisman and Mr. Dick Iannuzzi spread awareness and encouraged students to participate in the fight against ALS. Throughout the month of April, both buildings plan on hosting fundraising events where all proceeds will be donated to the ALS organization. For Rushmore, students will be able to purchase raffles as well as participate in various spirit days. The goal in raising awareness is to support patients and families through patient services, and provide the community with the latest ALS news, information and inspiration.

Both buildings hope to be added as a stop during the organization’s ALS Ride For Life this year.

Date Added: 4/4/2022